Wednesday, July 20, 2016

First Week at the MTC/CCM!

Wow!! is all I can say about this first week!! It was amazing!!
I wont do this big of one everyweek but I feel this one is necessary!
July 12th Tuesday... As my plane took off the ground along the freeway I could see my families car driving back home... thats when it really hit me that I wasn't going to see them for 2 years. Then I landed in Salt Lake and Bro. Finney found me and took me to breakfast!! That was super nice! Talked a lot about the gospel!! Then on the flight to MEX there was a record breaking 89!! missionaries on one flight!! On the flight we all played all sorts of games with the TV in front of us like tic tac toe and chess and all kinds of things on that 3 hour 16 minute and 10 second flight. ;) I sat by Elder Dawson, he is the football player that is going to Wyoming as a running back that is going to my same mission!! (cousin Brayden knows him) Once I got to the airport we waited for a bus for about 2 hours then it came! It was a super nice travel bus! We were on that for about an hour and a half through Mexico city!! Then we got to the Mexico MTC or EL CCM (say say mey) ;) Then I went to dinner! And as my first ever meal in a Foreign country is!!!... Pizza :) And met my companion Elder Evans! He is from s. Jordan Utah/Pocatello!! and runs track!!
Wednesday... The weather is so amazazazingly awesome here!! It's a perfect 72 degrees! And perfect for learning!! This day I got a tour of the whole place! It used to be a high school 3 years ago!! And Its super nice!! Think like Rocky mountain on steroids times 10!! ;)
Thursday... Well I taught my first investigator today!! Completely in Spanish!!! It went pretty well for me! I understood a lot!! Then we had a bunch of classes on the gospel and Spanish! Even one on the computer! I wear a headset and everything! I talk so much to everyone its great! I've never done that before in my life!! At night you hear some crazy stuff too!
Friday... My room and apartment is awesome!! So nice! Even though at night it still looks like day as the light outside comes through the window. More classes, and well our teachers don't know English much good so it is hard to understand sometimes but she tries very very hard and is so nice!! :) We get a GYM time everyday! Today was fun I played basketball for the whole hour. At first the utah people didnt even give me a chance... but then I made 16!!!! 3 pointers in a row!! It was so awesome!! I caught en Fuego ;) then back in class we started flipping water bottles and we are good at it! OH! and my district is super cool! I talked to Elder Daniels for a long time about sports he is playing college baseball, and his voice sounds exactly like Tanner Smoots, but he looks like Parker!! then Elder McKinnon looks exactly like Trevor and played football, and Elder Clark plays basketball like Matt and has his jokes too!! So I'm just right at home! haha and taught 2nd lesson to Alfredo.
Sat... It rains here every night! But the lightning looks way cool with the smog! Taught Alfredo the 1st vison today! Played soccer at gym time scored 2 goals! More classes.
Sunday... Everyday feels like Sunday but these ones are cool :) Sacrament meeting is all in spanish! Everyone writes a talk!! Then at dinner I ran into Elder Davenport from the Nampa Basketball team (yes dad I know that wasnt very nice) Then we watched a movie called the testiments! and all I could think about were the people that i will be teaching are the lamenities!! and I am a nephite!!
Monday... Gym time found the weight room and did that!! Found a kid that went to cenntenial, taught Alfredo about the book of mormon. More classes and switched class rooms from john taylor 210 to brigham young 109... Then Elder Daniels called me and Clark into his room and told us that he has to go home because he just wasn't ready.. which was sad... he was a good friend... and I'm glad that I went with missionaries and mission prep!! He is a good kid and is coming back!
Tues... Taught Alfredo today!! And comited him to baptism!! He is geeting baptised AUG 10th!! I popped a soccer ball cause i kicked it too hard!! haha lots of laughs!! and joke from district 5E!!
Then had a devotional from an area 70! 
Today... Went to the Mexico City Temple!! it is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so huge!! and wrote to all of you!
Elder Hope
"Hace Bueno"TM
The people who dropped me off at the airport
My first meal
 My room
 My room at night
My district: left to right... Elders: Bluth, Schoonmaker, Mckinnon, Clark, Daniels, Alecc, Me, Evans. Hermanas: Manning and Loveland.
The View
 The Courts
Elder Hope and Elder Scoresby
 Mexico Temple

  ¿QuĆ© en el mundo? guy walking in the freeway. selling apples.

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  1. Wonderful report and he's doing great at getting you pictures and details! :D