Monday, July 31, 2017

Didn't know if you knew but I have a kid!

The moment you've all been waiting for!
My new comp....
His name is Elder Evans!!
Yep my second Elder Evans!
And He is from Overland Park, Kansas!
And is an Awesome Comp! all I've been hearing all week is how good his spanish is for so little time in Chile! And it's true! Man we are just ready to work! I'm Stoked!! 
In every lesson we had was really strong and powerful! 
We also got together as a ward to make a plan of how we are going to save souls here in San Carlos! And wow! It was cool! 
It got me so pumped!!! 
And ready to work!! 
Let's go! 
Have a great week!! 
Elder Hope 
Clicked send to fast! 
Was just going to explain how cool it was to train! 
So when we were getting assigned! They had it on a powerpoint with the picture of the new missionary then would come in their trainer. And everyone one was doing the drumroll thing! And when I was called to Elder Evans I ran down the idle and jumped up and did a big side bump! And everyone loved it! I was jacked! 
Then got to spend a little time with Elder Baker and Fuentes again in the car! Saying goodbyes to him! 
and that's it! 
Love Elder Hope 
Pictures from the mission Blog:

Cambio #9 Gone!

Well this was a Crazy, Fun, Awesome, Successful Cambio with Elder Beeston from Arizona then an add in Elder Hambrick from Wisconsin!
Lots of laughs and lessons!
And this cambio was a little crazy. So now Elder Beeston isn't my comp but is still living with me. Cuz he went to San Carlos A with Elder Hambrick! And I'm going to stay in San Carlos B but I still don't know who is going to be Comp cuz well I have to go to the office tomorrow cuz I'm going to be Training!! Yeah Yeah!! SO READY for CAMBIO #10!!!
my agenda for Cambio 10! 
This is Francisca! she 11 and really shy! haha But got Baptized! :) 
Churrascos for the TRIO! 
Have a great week yall!! 
Elder Hope 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Wow... Thats all I can say. 1 year.

This week was a special week.
1. We had Zone conference
2. I had a talk in sacrament meeting
3. New Comp! without cambios Elder Hambrick!! 
4. I completed 1 year in the Mission!! 

 1. Zone Conf.
It was really good. Focused on The Great Plan of Salvation :) and how we can better explain it to the people. And it was good :) 
2. So Saturday night the phone rings and it the bishop saying, "sorry I forgot to tell you earlier but you have a talk in the morning..." about whatever attribute of Christ that I like :) So I went to Preach My Gospel Ch. 6 and started looking through them and I knew right away what I was Going to talk about ;) .......
La Esperanza :) (Hope) hehe 
And So the time came and I don't know where it came from but I talked for a good 15 min. on Hope and what it is and how we can get more of it. 
I focused more in the perspective or our point of view, and how we need to see ourselves like we are... Children of an Almighty, All Powerful, All Loving God, That wants us to be exactly Like Him. And when we have that in mind it changes the way we do things a little bit :) 
So that was cool too :) 
3. So there was a Emergency Transfer on Wed. So we are now 3 in San Carlos. Yeah Yeah Trio! And also found out from the one who went Elder Howell is one of Corbin´s cousins!! That was cool!! 
4. And Wow how the Time has flown.   
I´m a so grateful to my Father in Heaven for this great opportunity that I have had to serve for this first year. To work as an instrument in His hands. I have had some of the greatest times of my life here in the mission! The mission is literally the best place in the world to be. I have a had a little time to look back... just kidding I've had no time at all ;) but as I think a little I have grown so much in all aspects of my life :) And Thankful for this year that I've had and looking forward to the one that is to come...
Cuz as everyone knows, The Game is Won or Lost in the 2nd Half... ;)

Have a great one! Take care! and "Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 
Cool Thing we have in the house.
Cleanin the house has its  props.. ;) 
4th of July pic
This is San Fabian! this day we got stuck in a hail storm!hahaha
Trio in Thug/Rain Gear 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Formula 2?¿!¡

Wow! What a week!
So we thought Formula 1 was to basic, so I wanted to kick it up a notch! And so this week we almost doubled F1! :) With 2 Baptisms! 10 news! Tons of lessons! more with a date! and a couple at Church!! It was a good one! :)
And one of these new families that we found, I'm sure that in about 4 months she will be Relief Society President! She was awesome!
Elder Hambrick and I have also found many people in San Fabian!
Pics: :)                                                                                  
This is Nicole, She is 17, and the Daughter of a member that we found by passing by a old missionaries pic for them and then got to know them and it was an awesome Experience! 
and She didn't get baptized with her mom and sister cuz at this time didn't believe in God, but then she made a big change and now it's a whole happy family looking towards The Temple :) 
She was a little nervous Everything came out good! :) 
When we went to go  fill up the Faunt there was a party going on! haha
We also reactivated Her mom and Sister who is a little younger. And now the Mom was called to work with the Young Women! 
And This is Ignacio, He is 22. And found him cuz he is the cousin of this Brother, and the only reason cuz he didn't get baptized with his Mom was cuz his dad didn't let him :) but now all is well! 
Hope you all have an awesome week! and 
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Formula 1!

This week was awesome!
So president has this thing called "Formula 1" which basically what our goals are for every week which is 20 Lessons with a member present + 5 New Investigators + 4 in the Church + 4 with a Baptismal Date = 1 Baptism! Every Week! and well its really hard to do, but thats exacly what we did!!! Oh yeah!! 26+5+4+4=1!! 
And this is Franco! He is 12 and dope! We found him from his grandma that is a member, and was really fun to teach! We had a couple of problems with his parents that didn't want him to be baptized and things like that. But we shared some scriptures and said a prayer together and he said that he knew that he had to do it. So we did! and it was good because his Grandma is his Guardian!  
Also this happened: :) 
We were walking on a appointment that fell and in a house we heard people talking outside their house like "you have to be baptized again because the other was true ..." and so on. We passed and then felt we should talk to them, and recent this morning by district class we talked about that focus on parents, so when we play we only say like 2 words and told to especially pass the family pope and we had a great lesson With a family of like 7!
And I also have some videos that I'll send in a little bit! 
So all is well here! Hope all is good out there! 
Take care! and "Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope