Monday, October 31, 2016

WEEK 10/16!!! 10 in the Field and 16 in the Misson!!!!!!! 1016!¡

WOW!! What a week! and Happy Halloween everyone!

Had tons of fun! and...

oh yeah! Another Baptism! 

But about the week: Was all good, chuck full of lessons! And now we have a lot of progressing investigators! And this week also flew by so I don't remember much. 

But I do remember doing splits this week. And this really put my skills and spanish to the test. And well I would say that I passed! I taught 3 good/great lessons with the member that was with me Hermano Ortiz! 

Oh also at church, it was the 5th sunday and the bishop gave it to the ward mission leader. And he wanted us to talk to everyone in the ward. So at first the Zone leaders were going to talk.... but.... they got super sick Saturday. So Sunday Elder Colman and I taught the whole 3rd hour. About how members and missionaries in La Pradera can work together! I talked about what is more effective for missionaries knocking doors , street contacts, or References. And also a plan for them to help us! All using Statistics! It went great! Taught not like myself and went longer then 10 minutes! haha like 20! 

But yeah great week! I knew it was going to be too! ;) 1016

Take care!
Elder Hope "Do Good"TM

This is Nieves (snow) she is 79 years old. Was a Catholic! 
This is temple being built in Concepcion! Went this morning! :)  

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 15!

Sector: La Pradera B
Zone: Chiguayante

Wow!! This week flew by! I don't even remember really what happened!

But I know that I went really hard this week! We had a bunch of things thrown at us but we still got our goals!

Oh Yeah! We had Zone Conference!!
It was soooo awesome!!! President is great! And the activity was awesome! I took part in the pie eating contest!
And well I WON!!!!! I ate a whole Lemon Morang PIE in 4 minutes and 2 seconds! Exactly! Not even joking!! And was still hungry! haha Hermana Catala is sending the video and photos of it so I'll probably send them next week!
And also ran through the whole church looking for little pieces of paper, felt like a little kid! haha But also won that race :)

Was a great week! Hope it all went well for all of you!

Work Hard in everything you do! And you will like the results! ;)

Elder Hope "Do Good" TM
Elder Baker said he was "Studying" haha 
 This is the way I decorated my Planner! To remember to work harder every day!
And also to pierce the hearts of the people of Chile! 
Pictures from the pie eating contest with Elder Ketch:

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 14!!

Sector: La Pradera
Comp: Elder Colman

Hola everyone!!

This week was another great week!

Had a ton of success, even though that it rained like crazy!! Wow! On sunday it was a war! It was so bad that it snapped my umbrella! But it's okay, I think I can fix it! 

But we still had the Confirmation of Nilvia! That was cool!

And if any of you have any questions for me feel free to send me a quick email :) I'm more than happy to answer them! :)

Reading the scriptures everyday is such a blessing! I find something new everyday! And I invite all of you to do that too! It is important if it is only for 10 seconds a day! I promise you that if you do, you will receive blessings that you didn't even know that were there for you. 

Just a ton of good expierences! like this one:...
Talking with one of our investigators and she told us she prayed to know if it is true and then went to bed. Then in the morning her aunt said that the last night she was talking in her sleep saying things like.. "Elder Hope talks really slow though" and she said she heard something say, "but what he is saying is for you....." Wow!!!! :) 
This is a new thing that my zone is doing and it is called Piti Ossi! And it is given to the sector that reaches the most goals! And well we did that! and Won! Now we get to make the bear more gangster like! This is the 2nd time me and Elder Colman have won. The 1st time we put the earring and the mohawk on it! haha 
 And this is Elder Baker. and Dab
 I got it!!! :)  (The Halloween package!) haha Yeah!! I was so happy!! 

Love, Elder Hope

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 13! Lets Go!

Sector: Chiguayante
Ward: La Pradera

Wow this week was so good! We obtained all of our goals!! And exceeded on a couple of the misson Goals! Got another person in the house named Elder Baker. So now there is 3 gringos in the house! haha And oh yeah brought another Soul unto Christ :) Hashtag Splash! 💦

Lessons: Sooo great! 4 more Gators! I love Preaching the Word that brings so many happiness ;)

Service: As a ward today we cleaned out this old lady´s house in the ward. It reminded me of my ward a little bit. And of course it's not a mormon clean out without workers and the supervisors ;) This ward is so great! 

Lots of jokes and games in the house! Great expiences in the streets.

The Date was 08/10/2016 10:32.02 Wow! Such great numbers ;)
 This is Nilvia! My 1st baptism while I'm in the water! 
 She is so fun to teach! 
 This is the one family where the daughter came home from school one day talking about God. From my 1st couple of weeks! And well Albano had the interview and didn't pass because he is still a little bit of an Atheist. But he believes every thing about the church is true and perfect. Is just waiting for a sign...

But all is well here! 
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope

Oh yeah! And the food! I finally got served something not so great...
it was.......... Liver....... And I got a little sick from it but the next day I was fine :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3 Months!! 1st transfer done!

Same place! And staying here with the same comp for another 6 weeks!
For my first transfer I was able to teach 82 lessons!! Which is apparently awesome... but I know I can do more. :)

Wow! Wasn't General Conference just the greatest? All of the talks were just absolutely awesome! It's amazing what happens during conference when you actually stay awake... Hahaha. But to watch conference I walked about 10 miles! To this other church! We are so blessed in the states :) 

Favorite talk was the one by Rasband about remembering where you come from and that we are all children of God :) Also Bednar´s and the one about Service! 
This week was a good one.

Gators: The baptism fell threw with Alvano and Nilvia because Nilvia said she just needed one more week. But we have so many much more gators! 

Language: Even better! I get better every second I am here! 
Everything is great!! 
Time to get "Ambitious" ;) 

For the 1st session I watched it in this office with Elder Sowards in English!! Thank goodness!! The internet was kinda bad so I missed a few talks but it's okay :) 
The Priesthood session Started at 9pm here! haha sooooo good! "Do your home teaching" ;)
 The other sessions this was my view. Was set up in the primary room for the Gringos! haha 
The gringos: Sowards, Hope, Abreu (from Brazil but wanted to watch in English), Bills, Moldonado :) haha 
 On Sunday morning I woke up early and made pancakes for everyone in the house! Don't worry dad I kept the tradition going :) #gameday pancakes ;) Conference and baptisms are my game days ;) 
I just want to bare my testimony to all of you that I know that my savior lives, I know that he loves me and loves all of us, and all we have to do is find Him in our lives and He will always lead you to "Do Good"TM :) 

"Do Good" Count in General Conference: Was said 5 times! ;) 

Love, Elder Hope 

Go do something nice for someone today :) It doesn't matter how small it is :) It should make them smile :)