Monday, July 17, 2017

Wow... Thats all I can say. 1 year.

This week was a special week.
1. We had Zone conference
2. I had a talk in sacrament meeting
3. New Comp! without cambios Elder Hambrick!! 
4. I completed 1 year in the Mission!! 

 1. Zone Conf.
It was really good. Focused on The Great Plan of Salvation :) and how we can better explain it to the people. And it was good :) 
2. So Saturday night the phone rings and it the bishop saying, "sorry I forgot to tell you earlier but you have a talk in the morning..." about whatever attribute of Christ that I like :) So I went to Preach My Gospel Ch. 6 and started looking through them and I knew right away what I was Going to talk about ;) .......
La Esperanza :) (Hope) hehe 
And So the time came and I don't know where it came from but I talked for a good 15 min. on Hope and what it is and how we can get more of it. 
I focused more in the perspective or our point of view, and how we need to see ourselves like we are... Children of an Almighty, All Powerful, All Loving God, That wants us to be exactly Like Him. And when we have that in mind it changes the way we do things a little bit :) 
So that was cool too :) 
3. So there was a Emergency Transfer on Wed. So we are now 3 in San Carlos. Yeah Yeah Trio! And also found out from the one who went Elder Howell is one of Corbin´s cousins!! That was cool!! 
4. And Wow how the Time has flown.   
I´m a so grateful to my Father in Heaven for this great opportunity that I have had to serve for this first year. To work as an instrument in His hands. I have had some of the greatest times of my life here in the mission! The mission is literally the best place in the world to be. I have a had a little time to look back... just kidding I've had no time at all ;) but as I think a little I have grown so much in all aspects of my life :) And Thankful for this year that I've had and looking forward to the one that is to come...
Cuz as everyone knows, The Game is Won or Lost in the 2nd Half... ;)

Have a great one! Take care! and "Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 
Cool Thing we have in the house.
Cleanin the house has its  props.. ;) 
4th of July pic
This is San Fabian! this day we got stuck in a hail storm!hahaha
Trio in Thug/Rain Gear 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Formula 2?¿!¡

Wow! What a week!
So we thought Formula 1 was to basic, so I wanted to kick it up a notch! And so this week we almost doubled F1! :) With 2 Baptisms! 10 news! Tons of lessons! more with a date! and a couple at Church!! It was a good one! :)
And one of these new families that we found, I'm sure that in about 4 months she will be Relief Society President! She was awesome!
Elder Hambrick and I have also found many people in San Fabian!
Pics: :)                                                                                  
This is Nicole, She is 17, and the Daughter of a member that we found by passing by a old missionaries pic for them and then got to know them and it was an awesome Experience! 
and She didn't get baptized with her mom and sister cuz at this time didn't believe in God, but then she made a big change and now it's a whole happy family looking towards The Temple :) 
She was a little nervous Everything came out good! :) 
When we went to go  fill up the Faunt there was a party going on! haha
We also reactivated Her mom and Sister who is a little younger. And now the Mom was called to work with the Young Women! 
And This is Ignacio, He is 22. And found him cuz he is the cousin of this Brother, and the only reason cuz he didn't get baptized with his Mom was cuz his dad didn't let him :) but now all is well! 
Hope you all have an awesome week! and 
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Formula 1!

This week was awesome!
So president has this thing called "Formula 1" which basically what our goals are for every week which is 20 Lessons with a member present + 5 New Investigators + 4 in the Church + 4 with a Baptismal Date = 1 Baptism! Every Week! and well its really hard to do, but thats exacly what we did!!! Oh yeah!! 26+5+4+4=1!! 
And this is Franco! He is 12 and dope! We found him from his grandma that is a member, and was really fun to teach! We had a couple of problems with his parents that didn't want him to be baptized and things like that. But we shared some scriptures and said a prayer together and he said that he knew that he had to do it. So we did! and it was good because his Grandma is his Guardian!  
Also this happened: :) 
We were walking on a appointment that fell and in a house we heard people talking outside their house like "you have to be baptized again because the other was true ..." and so on. We passed and then felt we should talk to them, and recent this morning by district class we talked about that focus on parents, so when we play we only say like 2 words and told to especially pass the family pope and we had a great lesson With a family of like 7!
And I also have some videos that I'll send in a little bit! 
So all is well here! Hope all is good out there! 
Take care! and "Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Crazy week

Well This week went by very fast!
But one experience would be with one investigator named Pedro when we went to teach him lesson 3 or the gospel of Jesus Christ. Which is Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism, recieving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. And after that he was saying that he's only ever been presented in the Catholic church but never baptized, "When can I get baptized? And what do I have to do to get baptized?" and we were both like oh wow! cuz I've never heard that before! Then we were filling out his Record and found that they are living together without being married, and we were like, oh yeah you kinda have to get married to... "yeah that's fine we can do that."!!! That for sure people never do that! So that was a good lesson!
Then we were planning a Baptism this week for Franco, but in the last minute on friday night right before his interview he got scared because his grandma was pressuring him too much and so they just left to Conce, but we have an appointment tomorrow so everything will be okay. Cuz I Know that this is true and everytime he talks to us he feels the spirit and wants to do it :)
But that's what I remember from this week,
I hope you all have a great one! and remember to "Do Good"TM
Elder Hope

I also got some sweet ties from a Sweet Sowards!! ;) Thanks man!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Fathers day!

Well this week was a really good one!
Getting to know my companion Elder Beeston, from Mesa Arizona.
But something cool about him is he is the only member in his family.
And got baptized only 1 year before his mission. and now has 20 1/2 months in the mission.
The house in the background and so now we are 4 gringos in the same house again for me! 
The week was good cuz well we repased by some people that Elder Souza didn't want to! And now want to listen and so we had 12 news this week! And 4 with a baptism date!! yeah yeah!! It was a good one!
And in one of these lessons that we had was on Fathers Day so we talked a little about Fathers that we have on earth and also in Heaven.
And I'm so grateful for them both! They have both Helped me so much in my life to become the person I am today. I really have been blessed to have such a great Dad, and for us all a Father who loves us all!
Thanks ya'll! Take care! Have a great Week! And always...
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope

Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Cambio gone!

This week was another good one in being the last week for my companion!
Saying goodbye to people and things like that!
But we also got our goals! And everything and in his very last lesson was probably the best that we have ever had and we put someone with a baptism date! Then a lot of people went to church! :)
Saying goodbye to Souza! see you in Brazil! 
Elder Regis also is going! his first comp was Elder Smoot! woo!
Then I've been with Elder Abad for a day now! And we went to go help Elder Hollist last night and had a ton of success! Finding and everything! But tomorrow I will be getting my new companion Elder Beaston to work for the next 6 weeks! 
Just got to keep going!
and "Do Good"TM 
Love Yàll! 
Elder Hope  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Zone Conference/Temple Trip/Playa!!

Oh wow! this week was amazing! 
To start off we had zone conference. And well that is just always a blast! With the spiritual information! The games! The contests! And the food! But the coolest part for me this time was the interview the Presidente Catala. We were in a small bishops office, with a nice space heater. We talked about a couple of things about the sector the house and the comp AS always, but then we talked about me... which was cool :) and how I can be better. :) then after we finished with a prayer he came around the desk and told me, "Confío mucho en usted, va a ser un gran líder en este misión, pero primeramente voy a probar usted ;) " which was really cool :) And then I told him that I was up for the task and he smiled which made me feel really good :)  
Translation: "I trust you very much, you will be a great leader in this mission, but first I will try you. Or you will be tried"
This is Elder Hollist from St. Anthony! His bishop is my uncle!
Then on Saturday we had a temple trip with the ward to Conce! And then we went to the beach to eat and to have some fun! :) 
On the way there we played Catan in the back of the bus! :)

Yeah yeah! 
The group for the temple! President Catala had like a fireside for us :) 
Yeah! They said it will be done in about 10 months! :) 
Like I said I promised pics so here they are! haha 
Lunch on the beach with the ward! 
Copihue=The National Flower of Chile 
The hike to the beach! :) 
it says "I will go I will do" - Nephi ;)haha 
A little panoram :)
Comp pic on the beach! 
And so that was the week, it was really good! And I hope that you all have a good one too!
Go "Do Good"TM
Elder Hope


Monday, May 29, 2017

Completos = Blessings

Well it was another great week!
We did a lot of Organizing this week with the map and planning in dividing the Sector into Sectors so that we aren't running around everywhere and wasting time walking. And well blessings come when you listen to President cuz we had 28 lessons with member and found 5 new Gators!
One funny story on how we found one family this week....
So we were walking along one day and we had about 40 min til our next appointment and we were a little hungry, and so we stopped at this one little shop thing were they sell food and bought Completos :) Then we were the only people there so we just started talking with the lady about random things, then out of no where she said, I've always wanted to learn about what the Mormons believe, what do you guys believe in? .... (Wow!!) haha So I said a couple of articles of faith and we answered a few questions that she had, then gave her the first lesson and she invited us to her house! and when we passed by she had read the whole thing! And she has 2 daughters that are also interested! So now I know that the Spirit also works through your stomach! haha
And also The completo was really good! :) I love sharing the Gospel with everyone!
And oh man I need to take more pictures...
But if you have missed any of my Emails you can go to this website :)
Hope you all have a great week!
"Do Good"TM and I´ll see you next time!
Elder Hope

Monday, May 22, 2017

Its starting to get a little ... Chilly... ;)

This week went by really fast!
But it was still really good!
We found 2 new good investigators were their grandmas are members!
Felipe; wow this dude is awesome. He has visited 5 out of the 7 continents in the world!!! It's crazy! haha and well we shared with him the first time and he wants to get baptized and then go on the mission!!!!! oh and he only is 17!
Franco: Is 12 years old and has always wanted to be baptized but his mom never let him, but now he lives with his grandma, and has a date for the 10th of June!
And this week we finally had meetings with the ward and organized things and put things in order to move on and get this ward rolling! :)
And also getting a little cooler :)
And that was the week!
Hope all is well! Have a great week! "Do Good"TM
Elder Esperanza
Don't worry! Everything is okay!!!! ........I have a Wal-Mart! ;) 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Happy Mother´s Day!

Well this week was another good one!
I think the best part was when one day we were walking in the street.... Nah! just kidding definetly was when I got to talk to my Family :) It was cool to see them again from Skype! For Mother´s Day!
We found a HUGE!!! Dog!!! one day! 
haha bigger than my comp! 
And also bigger than me! :) 
Milking some Cows :) 
But it was a great week finding some more people and getting references from members :)  
We just got to "Do Good"TM 
Have a great week! 
Elder Esperanza 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Confused Tongue... oh man Tower of Babel...

This week was another good one.
It sure went by very fast!!
We found a lot of people to teach, including a Family from Haití! And well that was an interesting contact cuz well we don't speak the same languages! haha
I Spoke in Spanish, He spoke In Creole, I spoke in English, Then He spoke in French, Then My Comp in Portuguese.... Haha but through the gift of tongues we were able to talk to him and teach him a little. So that was really cool!
And so now I want to learn a little bit of French :)  To add to my list of  Idiomas! :)
I would say that's the cool thing of the week!
And well I didn't whip out the camera very much this week so I don't have any more pics... Sorry mom ;)
But Have a good week! Take Care! and
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Chilean Holidays

If yáll didn't know Chile has a lot of holidays haha and for this I'm writing today, because yesterday was The day of the worker... so nobody went to work haha. They have a lot of random Holidays like that :)
But this week was another good one! It was the last one of the cambio, which means that another 6 weeks went by and out of no where I have 10 months in the mission!!! Thats crazy! Double Digits_!
But not much happened just had Zone Conference, that was really good! And also interview with presidente was really cool :) He really knows how to get into someones heart. I'll tell you that! haha
Oh! And also for the next 6 weeks I will be in San Carlos again! With Elder Souza! But this cambio will be a little different because it is the last one for Elder Souza. So I'm looking forward to that :)
I´d also like to say for any of you that have questions about anything! You can just shoot me an Email and I'll be happy to answer it!
But Have a not just a good week but a great week! and...

"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope
Most people think of the Plan of Salvation like this.
But I believe that it is like this. 
(thanks for sending these miamaids) 
  Pie cuz...
 it was the last day of Elder Calle/Street! 
  Then on Pday we went and played some Fútbol on a nice field!! it was sweet!  

Monday, April 24, 2017

Wow! What o Week!....Shook hands With an Apostle ;)

I don't even know where to begin!
I'll start with Wednesday, was the Census so we got to hang in the house all day, cleaning, playing games until the people got there! Now our house is all clean!
Wow! This week was a week of Miracles!
First we get the 20! Without a day of work!
And we also found 8 new ones that are very interested, and can progress very fast!
Like when we were looking for old and other incomplete families, we just went to see if they were good and if they were waiting for us! And then we left this house a young boy and then looked at us and said: "I have a friend who is Mormon ... Why don't you guys come by my house? ... And just like people who feuded to the church They are good!
Then Friday! We got to go to Conce again, Cuz President Russel M. Nelson came to our mission!!! We got together with the south mision too, so there were more than 400 missionaries in this building! It was sooooo cool!! And when I shook his hand he said to me "Elder Hope, ooo I like your name son" oh wow! I couldnt stop smiling after that!! :) :) and still haven't stopped! :) But then He talked to us. I never knew that he was so funny! He told a lot of jokes and stories! But mainly focused on The Book of Mormon and how crucial it is to use it in our  teaching. The Spirit was so strong in that building! 
 And well I don't have any Pics from this week! But more coming Next week! Have a great week Yall! 
"Do Good"TM Elder Hope 

Monday, April 17, 2017


Well it was a good week!
We had Easter! and a Open House thing!
This is from where I study every morning :) 
For the Open Chapel that we had, we went everywhere to make it known! 
We gave out more than 500 of these invitations, we were on the radio!! (that was pretty cool!) :), we called a ton of people, a huge banner in front of the church, and invited all the members to bring at least one friend. 
Then it came to Sunday and well not as many people came as I wanted but every single person that showed up that was not a member wants to be baptized now, which is a total of 4 butI would say that it was a success! 
And a great Easter :) 
The Banners 
So what happened was they started in the sacrament room looking at The Christous statue and listening to his voice, then to the Banners to learn a little about the history of the church, and plan of salvation, and other things :) then to the Baptism font to explain that :), then to different rooms with members explaining things about the organizations :) Then a little treat! 
Was super cool, and spiritual again! 
This is my sector... yeah yeah!!! 
Had to get the Easter baby chick pic in! 
I hope that you all have a great week! 
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 

Monday, April 10, 2017


Well this week was a good one! But first the pics from last week!
This is from the game that we watched in the church! 

And of course with Completos! ;) 
Then General Conference!!! 
And also forgot to mention last week that it has been exactly 1 year since I opened my mission call! 
And also that I ate one of the craziest things yet.... Bunny... And it was pretty good :) 
And to this week, wow was a good one that flew by! I feel like I was writing 2 days ago! 
to start off the week on a good note, in a house had this on... :) 
The National Championship Game :) 
So that got me going on a good foot! 
Then we found a bunch of people! had a bunch of lessons! 
And then 
:) Marcela got Baptized! Her sister got baptized a couple of months ago, but she didn't want to at this time, but then we talked to her and the fam and then yeah! yeah! 
And this is Elder Souza! its cheese that tastes like Cheese! haha 

Have a great week yall! 
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 

Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference Week!

Oh man this week was a good week!
First we had a fùtbol game and then to end it Conference!
It was a ward activity were they projected the game in the church and Chile won 3-1 agaisnt Venezuela!
Then Saturday for GC was great we had a whole 4 people come! Elder Howell, Elder Calle, Elder Souza, and me haha
Also a little weird without people looking at the Final Four during the Priesthood Session! haha
And also it was in Spanish haha
But then Sunday was a lot better we had about 42 people come :) and in Eniglish :)
and well this computer is being weird so that I can't send pics but I will send them next week!
My favorite Talks were from Jouaqin A. Costa and his experience, also Holland about singing :) and also alot more!
and what!¡¿ Temple in Pocatello!!
"Do Good"TM = 7 times in GC
Elder Hope

Friday, March 31, 2017

San Carlos!

Well this was a great week!
On Tuesday going from Pradera to San Carlos! Saying Bye to lots of people and Elder Webster and Hello to Elder Souza. New bigger house! New investigators. New town. New ward. New everything.
But when we got here we had a whole group of Gators of 1 who got confirmed yesterday! But then we found 6 this week! So we are good now!
I live in a house with Elder Calle from Peru who finishes this cambio, elder Howell from utah who finishes in 2 more cambios, and Elder Souza from Brasil who finishes next cambio! haha I feel so young!
Hopefully After this cambio I will learn a little Portugese!
But was a great week of work!
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope
Me and Elder Baker on the bus to Chillan! oh yeah! and it was a double decker bus!! ;) 
  New desk... haha 
Found another one! haha :)