Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Another Great week here at the Mexico MTC/CCM!!
Just a bunch more classes! I go for about 16 hours straight! 
In my last practice lesson with Alfredo I remembered something from mission prep that one of the ways to bring in the spirit was by song :) and while I was teaching about the plan of salvation I stopped and in spanish said "my companion would now like to sing a song for you." and he doesn't know spanish very well so he looked at me like, "what did you just say!!?¡¿" and I pointed at 'I am a child of God' song and he actually sang! It was so great!!

New rules came up this week that we can't wear any other sock accept if it is plain black or brown and has to match exactly! So I can only wear my black ones... i love my socks!

OH! One day as I was walking back to the house I found something in my pocket! It was Drakes CTR ring! from his baptism! So now I wear it everyday!

GYM times this week I've played Basketball / HORSE, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and ping pong! And I workout a bunch!! Oh man! I love gym time! But one day I played basketball and wearing my tennis shoes was a bad idea! In all the sports and all the running and all the beating my feet have taken I have never once had a blister. But that day I did.. but it was okay because I prayed so they would go away! And the next morning it didn't even look like I had one there!! Heavenly Father answers your prayers quick if you are a missionary!!

Then on Sunday Elder Clark was one of the ones chosen to speak and he read the wrong scripture that he had wrote down but the one he did read, well... in spanish it talked about circumcision in D&C... haha you should have seen the branch presidents face when he said that!! He turned instant red haha!! The topic was Christ like attributes too!

We also watched a devotional from awhile ago by elder Holland! It was about divine companionship and how we should always have the holy ghost with us!

Then we watched another movie it was called 'How rare a Possession' talking about the book of mormon and a guy who found one in Italy!

Then I taught my distict about "Package A" and "Do Good"TM :)

I've been singing a lot of Disney songs for some reason!

It still hasnt gone a single day without raining! one day was so bad we had to stay inside! But the lightning was super cool!

I woke up one morning to 2 guys mowing the lawn out side with one lawn mower, one guy was on it steering it and the other guy was pushing this big riding lawnmower!! haha!!

Then last night we had a devotional from Elder Netzahualcoyotl Salinas! Try saying that! He was very powerful! Even through the translation! He talked about my favorite subject... working hard! :)

Not as eventful as last week but still tons of fun!! :)

Love you all!!
Elder Hope                              W
                "Do Good" TM       M
Currý or Messí?¿ Or both?¡!¿
Drakes ring and my watch!!! I love this Watch!!.
 District pic
 Me with some Mexican pesos (they give us 100 every week) which is like $5 US dollars haha
 A painting

 Me and my companion

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  1. I love that he found Drake's baptism ring and is wearing it sweet! This is going to be such a wonderful mission to read about! I'm so excited!