Monday, August 29, 2016

1st week in the field!!!

Sector: Chiguayante
Ward: Pradera
Comp: Elder Colman! He is from Paraguay! Speaks only spanish and the paraguay language!

Wow!!! This Is so great!!

First let me tell you about the plane! It was huge!! I sat by Hermana Loveland the first flight! And Elder Evans and Dawson the second! And didn't get any sleep at all!!! Haha as usual ;) 
Get there and welcomed by a whole bunch of missionaries and the prez!
Then had a bunch of meetings and ate Papa Johns as my first Chilian meal! haha
Then got my new comp and then started to go to work!
I was put into a white wash! Which is when they put the missionaries in a place that none of them have been before!
I live in a house with the Zone Leaders! One is from Brasil! And one is from Spanish fork Utah! It is really Fun!  Elder Sowards and Abreu ;)
The food here is soooooooooooooo good!! I love when it's time for lunch! Eating all kinds of things!
Anyways first couple of days just talked to every single person we could! And walked about 22 miles everyday!
But then we found some people to teach! And now we have 6 investigators! And 2 have accepted a Baptismal invitation! For September 18th! So pumped!! We are teaching this one fam where their daughter kept coming home from school talking about God and so that brought some questions! So she talked to her friend who is our mamita (does our laundry) who refered them to us! And we teach them tonight for the second time! And they came to church yesterday! So great!
And my comp said that this never happens in someones first week! Except for like Elder Smoot! And that made me smile really big and laugh! And then I told him he was my Kuzin!!! (Cousin) haha
The language here is way different! The first couple of days was kinda hard but now I've almost got a hold of their speed! And I also know that through Faith in Christ Anything is possible!
The city is like the "Compton" of Chile! It looks like if you took Caldwell and Nampa together and put it in Idaho city! Lots of gangsters! (Dont worry Mom;) Just Different Words! ;)
The weather isn't too cold! It feels like February back home :)

I love this Gospel so much! and want to help every single person I can Return to live with our Father in Heaven again!
Map of the Mission and heart over first area:
The plane! 
People in the Airport! 
 I love this Street ;) (it means Hope in Spanish! ;)

Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Day In The CCM!! Week 6!

The best week in the MTC/CCM by far!!!
Had tons of fun with the district this week! Like singing in the shower with Schoonmaker and other things!
GYM: The last gym time was fun played soccer and dominated! Then went and dunked it one more time in the gym!
Had in field orientation and man that was awesome and got me way pumped for the feild! One part of it was a play! It was soooooo funny! They used the Avengers as ward members, like Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and my fav.... Steve Rodgers! And also Arnold Schwarznegger as a less active member then they committed him to say "I´ll be back" hahah!! And all kinds of puns like that!
Then later that day the zone leaders asked me and Alecc to go talk to a district that wasn't being to good. So us and clark went in there and it was so cool! The main things I said was to be obedient and you will recieve blessings (used bro Packers quote) then the only thing you can control in life is your attitude and your effort! And then don't be good missionaries be great missionaires" * Coach Creech and Johnson! And then as always... "Do Good"TM ;)
Then the last night with Hermana Pérez she talked to us all! And wow! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life! She talked about each of us and how we were the best district she has ever had and she has been working here for 2 years!! I will send a picture of her once I get it cuz my Camera died.
Sunday: Last day altogether as a district. It was awesome! During sacrament meeting we sang a musical number "Más Cerca Dios de ti" = "Nearer my God to thee" It went so Good!! Then Before the movie we all gave each other blessings before we go out into the real mission. I was asked to offer Elder Evans and Elder Clarks. During Clarks something happened really cool. I was really speaking through the spirit. I know it. Because I said that Heavenly Father was glad that he chose to serve a mission.......First." and before this he was actually going to go play bball and I didnt even know that!
The movies were The stone cutter and Finding Faith in Christ.
Today is my last day in the MTC/CCM and I will be serving the people of Chile tomorrow!
I just want to let all of you know that I know that whenever you need help in your life with anything Heavenly Father is there for you and wants to help you at all times and in all places. All you have to do is humble yourself and ask for help. Just Pray.
Do something to make someone smile today :)
Elder Hope
"Do Good"TM
My drawings (I only drew the flags) and the "Do Good" ;)
 Built a ship out of the desks
 I left my mark in my room! 
 The Guys in the District All Chile and One to Equador
 Teacher: Hermano Hurtato 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 5 in the MTC!

Wow!! This week flew by!

Teaching lessons for this week went so good!! With Aurora we taught her: Word of wisdom and The Ten Commandments and when teaching the 10 I used the Hand symbols that I learned in Seminary from Bro. Sell! So someone tell him thanks for me! One more with her :)
With Gabriel we taught: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, about Service, and some Commandments! And now we are done teaching with him.
Out of teaching all the people I have been teaching by far my favorite to teach is The Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is so fun!

Gym time: I am getting good at soccer!! I was in the play of the year for the MTC! It started when the other team took a shot and Clark at Goalie he stopped it so I took off down the left side of the contra and he threw it all the way to me and I jumped up high and saw McKinnon running down the middle and headed it right to him and then he headed it right past the goalie and right in the top corner!!¡¡ It is now known as the Double Header! And it was so awesome!
Sunday! I love sundays here! There was 3 videos that night! The first one was The John Tanner story. Wow! That dude is awesome! Then a little one on Temples and then one on the Life of Christ that was really good :)

Food: I had my last Costco Pizza night... So I ate 5... ;)

AND OH!! The big news!! I got my Flight plans for next week!!! I leave Monday the 22nd at 8:32 PM ;) (for reals) ;) to head to CHILE!!! I arrive at 11:00 AM on the 23rd in Concepción! So excited!!!

Tuesday: The devo was by a man named Helaman Montejo! And he has a Daughter that reminded me so much of Aubree I went and shook her hand! :) And Me and Clark joined the choir! And we sang "Calma mi alma" which is "Be still my soul" Oh Man! It was so good!! Sang my heart out!

I met a guy from Kokeville, Wyoming! and his sister was in that class that was in the movie!

Overall a great week!

Love, Elder Hope
"Do Good"TM ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 4!

Another great week here!!

Lessons: With Aurora it is so great, getting baptized. With Gabriel it's slower but he is getting baptized too! It's great! I picked up another one too named Curtus. But now I am teaching without any notes or anything it is so great! Spanish is just flowing so great! And I taught an actual member of the church in Mexico City! And she can't speak English so yeah! It was great!

GYM times: Getting real good at soccer! Played all kinds of games too!!

Devotionals: Sunday: David Bednar! Wow that is the best talk I've ever heard! He talked about the character of Christ! And put away the natural man in you! He even said "Do Good" ;) and did an impression of the cookie monster! haha main quote from it was "who you are and what you are, is way more important than what you say" 

Tuesday: Was a live one from Provo! Niel Anderson spoke and it was good! He showed a picture from the Olympics and was like sorry everyone else in the world is enjoying this right now.... haha

Sunday movie was Meet the Mormons! So great! 

The other night I was woken up by my companion throwing up everywhere! So that night was fun! Cleaning all night! haha 

My teacher has been talking about the Olympics kinda... haha 
My District: 
District Pic at the Mexico City visitors center! 
Left to right: Elders, Clark, McKinnon, Alecc, Hermanas: Manning and Loveland
Elders: Schoonmaker, Bluth, Evans, and Me
 District 5B gave us some candy! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week #3!!

This week flew by!!!

Spanish is now coming so easy! I just think of what I want to say and then translate it right there in my head and them say it! It's so great! Teaching has become way easier because of that! Instead of using a dictionary or something. :) We are now teaching Aurora and Gabriel!

Gym times Played tons of more soccer, a little basketball and some tennis! I'll have to say I'm getting pretty good with my feet! It gets pretty rough in the cage! I'm just glad I'm strong and quick to get out of some situations... but one day I played for a straight hour because my team never lost!!

Oh man! The food here keeps getting better!! One day we had CONES!! And that reminded me of hangin with the amigos back home! Then last night I would say was pretty good when saying that the worst thing on my tray was Costco Pizza! I also had cream filled doughnuts, raspberry cheesecake, pineapple and some cake! And with a sprite!

I figured everyone else out in my district! MY comp: is so much like Corbino Howell! Bluth: is a combo of Nathan Wheiler and Austin Kimes. Schoonmaker: is like Ethan and Mason Hope put together!

Oh yeah! Well this week in sacrament meeting was pretty crazy.... I thought that we were done but then they were like well we are going to have one more speaker... "Elder Hope" and I spoke completely in Spanish! It went really well!! SO me and Logan Talked on the same day!!!!! :)

Then the 2 devos from this week were from Richard G Scott play back and then a random area 70 that came. I was the only one awake from my district! haha

The sunday movie was The Restoration :) I couldn't move the whole time the spirit was so strong!! I love that movie!!

I met Elder Hollands Grandson! That was cool!

And I am going to the temple today! So more pics are coming later!!

Played a bunch of games too.

Elder Hope "Do Good"TM