Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 11!!¡¡

Hola folks!!

Same place ;)
Had another great week!!

Lessons and Gators: Are both great! This week me and my comp met the entire mission goal of 20 lessons with a member! And only a couple of others got it! Super pumped about that! And we had Orfalinda get confirmed this week! And have 2 more baptisms next week! With Alvano and Nilvia! And we got 7 more Gators this week so even more lessons!! :)

Service: Giving tons of service! Like chopping wood for people, cleaning houses, moving stuff, painting, weeding! And all kinds of stuff! And also for the people I live with I woke up early one morning and made them all breakfast in bed! It was funny because they thaught  was a rat in the kitchen then I walked in with eggs, toast, juice, and cereal!

Spanish: I'm able to carry a pretty good conversation now! And make tons of jokes! And during lessons no problems!

General Conference is next week!!!

"Do Good"TM

                     Love, Elder Hope 

Made my own Empanadas!!! SOOOOOO Goood!! 
 Oh yeah and also had to add mashed potatoes and steak with it! ;)
 My keys! haha I have no idea how i found the Idaho thing! haha! 
 Pic of the church and the court that is outside! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week #10!!!

Wow!! Chile is awesome!!! :) 

And what a week!! :) Of course I would have my best week be #10 ;) 馃槑

First off, had my first Baptism! Everything went great!

Food: Oh my goodness they are amazing! I ate soooo many empanatas this week! Wow! 

Lessons: Everything is great no big problems! 

Had a ward Fiesta! Wow that was cool!! 

If you want to see a video of where I am and my ward go to youtube: Trae un amigo

Here's some pics!! 
Where I'm working ;) 
Ward Party Dancing!! 
 Elder Miller and Elder Hope
  Thought I would give Chile a high five for being awesome 
  Had a minicambio with Elder Ashby that was fun!
Especially cuz I could speak English with someone ;)
  My investigators 2 girls dressed up for the 18! 
 My first Baptism! Orfalinda!
 Our house!
 Went on a hike on Pday! To this waterfall with the district!
  Fliteas of the Fliteas (gangsters of the gangsters):
La Pradera Our 2 guides were from our ward! So cool! Leonardo and Paublo!
 Ward party! Ping pong, soccer and basketball and lots of food!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 9!

Great Week!!
Same place ;)
Something about this though. I'm actually not in a white wash. I'm opening a whole new sector!

Lessons w/ Gators: Great! My comp says I explain things so well and make it really easy to understand :) We have 6 gators right now. 1 going to be baptized this week on the 18th! The others had some problems so they have to wait a little bit. Like Alvano is still having trouble with believing in God. So that's a little difficult but no task is too big for me ;)

Church ball: Played again and this time they made rules for me so that it would be fair I guess haha. Sure need a Purvis out there, because in comparison they play like the Black Cat building :) and I cut my knee pretty bad when a guy tripped me. But it was crazy I went from gushing blood to nothing in about 1 minute and they were all like wow! He's Wolverine! haha!

Service: Did a bunch of it this week. Also been cleaning the house with Sowards a lot! Making it nicer :)

Also been making milkshakes everynight! They are sooooooooooo good :)
And workout hard in the mornings!

This week we led the whole Zone in lessons with members!

Learning Lots!

Love you all!

Love Elder Hope!

And sorry about the no pics again they wanted to go to Conce again... Sike! Got it!

I like when we have meetings with the ward mission leader! Got to watch the Chile vs. Paraguay game... My comp was pumped cuz Paraguay won 2-1. haha
 The Quad ;) Sowards, Abreu, Colman, and me :)
 Lunch at Elder Loves house, all we needed was Faith and Charity then we probably would have been translated ;)
 If you buy 1 complainto its only $1 ;) MY FIRST COMPLAINTO!!! SOOOOO GOOOD! 
  Rains alot so that means... lots of rainbows! :)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 8! 2 in the field!

Sector: Chiguayante
Comp: Elder Colman
Ward: Pradera

Wow! What a week! So many things to write and not enough time to write them!
This week was full of lessons!
We now have 8 investagators and 4 are progressing very well!
Forgot to add in last week that during sacrament meeting the Bishop called me up to the stand and had me introduce myself and bare my testimony! That was wow cool! I think it's the longest testimony I've ever bore! And it was in Spanish!
Also the city is like Nampa and Caldwell without the farms, every house is like a condo, there is a bus system that is crazy fast! And then add about 72 billion dogs!!! I have never seen so many in my life!! Everyone and their kid owns at least 4 dogs! haha

The ward here is so great! Whenever we need a member in a lesson they always want to join! There is one priest that is about to put in his papers that is awesome! I predicted he was going Nampa Idaho! haha ;)
I played church ball with the ward on Saturday night! It's a little different here instead of 5:30 in the morning its at night and outside! And oh yeah its soccer! haha I guess I played pretty good. Saying that I scored 6 goals and one of the members came up to me after and said, "Wow! Dude you are amazing! Where did you learn!¿ and when I said I've never played before the MTC he was stunned!
Haha! It was super cool cuz 2 investagators came and played! And now they look up to me even more! haha It's great!

The language is great! I've almost got a grip on it! So close to being great! :)

The first encounter with... Tomatoes...
They are so good here for some reason! I like them now haha!
I'm pretty sure they can't make bad food here! I think it's against the law or something! haha
But all is well here!

Go do something nice for someone today! :) 
¡Ad矛os! Amigos!

                         Elder Hope!

p.s. sorry emailing from a different spot today and the pictures wont load! Sending lots next week and only have 1 hour to email! 

Misi贸n Chile Concepci贸n/letter and pictures from the President

30 August 2016
Dear  Brother and Sister Hope,
Sister Catala and I had the great pleasure of welcoming Elder Trenton Nathan Hope to the Chile Concepci贸n Mission.  After we met him at the airport when he arrived, we enjoyed lunch together with the other missionaries.  We held an orientation and testimony meeting and Hope met his new companion, Elder Williams Gomez Colman, who will train him to be a missionary. They will be laboring in the District of Chiguayante 1 and located in the Zone of Chiguayante.
A mission is a wonderful experience filled with challenge and success that strengthens the testimony and spirituality of each missionary. The greatest support you as a family can give your missionary during his service as a missionary is that of uplifting letters.  Missionaries look forward with great anticipation to each letter from home.  In addition to using email, you can send packages and letters to our address.  The U.S. Postal Service and the Correos de Chile do a good job of delivering packages.  Do not send packages or medicine by Fedex, DHL and UPS as it often results in delays, lost merchandise and extra costs because of duty at the customs office in Chile. We do not have an agent who coordinates shipments arriving at the customs office in Santiago or Concepci贸n to facilitate transactions nor the resources for duty payments.
Elder Trenton Nathan Hope
We encourage each of our missionaries to write to their parents each week.  Please let me know if a reminder to him is needed. You may contact us using e-mail at XXXXXXXXXX

We invite you to look at our blog:

It will be our privilege to work closely with Elder Hope as he serves here in Chile.  We are blessed to have him join us in this mission and know that he will have many life changing experiences as he proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for your support and for sharing your son with us.
President and Hermana Catala