Monday, December 12, 2016


This week was a great one!
We got all of our goals! 
Lots of lessons! 
Stake conference! 
Knocked a ton of doors! 
Wow! Can't get any better than this! 

1st with the Doors: don't know if I've already said this or not, but knocking doors is a little different here. I don't actually touch the doors :) it's pretty fun, you just yell "Ah lo!" 

The activities were fun! We played some ping pong for one of them, and for the other musical chairs! always with a devo thing before :) 

And if you were wondering about stake conference. It's the same! Always packed! And after people running to their cars like a track meet!  ;) haha but it was good! All about missionary work! So yeah! I liked it! haha our President talked too! And I sat by a kid with Down Syndrome and got to talk to him the whole time :) 
It was all about how anyone can help with this great work! And how all the small things add up! 

So if you want to get blessings an easy way is to participate in this great work! And it's easy! 
And I know this is true. 

Gators are progressing really good we are going to have a baptism really soon! SO woohoo! haha 

Love, Elder Esperanza "Do Good"TM

This is a place in my sector where they are growing the trees to put by the temple!!  

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