Monday, December 26, 2016

Wow! 6 months has flown by!

This week was the last week of this cambio. 
And well I had a good one! 
With lots of lessons, lots of singing this week to a bunch of people! Christmas Conference,
and Navidad!! Yeah!! Yeah!! 
But for this next cambio coming up I'll be...... Staying here in Chiguayante the ward La Pradera for 6 more weeks!! yeah! yeah! The only bad part is that it wont be with Elder Colman... 
but my new Comp is called Elder Webster and he´s from Canada! 
But for right now I just wanted to give a little thanks to my Dad of the Mission! He has taught me so many things! And he was such a good companion to have as the 1st one of my mission! We put in the work! And got the results! 
A little background on him is he was only baptized 3 years ago and then left on the mish! with a lot going on at home! 
And Thanks to him leaving at this time I had the chance to know him.
This guy from Paraguay is going to be a good one! Have a good one Elder Colman! 
This week we also did this to Piti Ossy... 
Yep... ;) haha 
 Navidad!= Christmas! 
The dinner that we finally had! Was really good! :) With hermano Ortiz! 
Also had the great chance to talk to my fam! Everything is all good!! And sooo much snow!! :) 
And also before the skype the member had this on the tv and well you can't really tell him to turn it off right? haha ;)  man KD, Steph, and Klay... Wow! 
The Iphone that they give us... haha 
Also had Watermelooon! Was great! 
But over all I had a good Christmas :) I really noticed "Christ"mas"
in spanish Más=More so I really like that! 
I know without a doubt that Jesus is the Christ, our Savior, and without him it would be impossible to live with our families forever. 

Had a Merry Christmas! Now Have a Great New Year! :) 

Love you all! 
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope 

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