Monday, January 16, 2017

Wow!! What a week!! Records Broken!

Well this past week was a good one for sure!
I terminated 6 months exactly, my comp finished 1 year! And it was Elder Sowards Birthday!! So it was bound to have a good week this week! 
And we went hard. Both La Pradera A and La Pradera B together had 76 lessones in one week!! yep thats a record! We both had 30 lessons with member then we had 2 others and 8 recent convert lessons and they had 6 convert lessons! So yeah lots and lots and lots of lessons! 
And they were all good ones too! 
We had some cake! Was a crazy day of running around and surprising Sowards! 
Cool Story: So she gave a talk yesterday (the one to the very right) Koni, and told a story about how one day Elder Colman and I visited their house one day with just a simple scripture, because the mom has been inactive for awhile now and after a few smiles in the street and a couple of waves, Changed The Moms life :) now is active and the littlest girl La Fernanda "Los Mormones" got baptized yesterday.
And when she shared that... That is when I really realized how great of a work I'm doing. And how powerful just a simple smile is :) 
Found this in the back of my sector one day :) That's pretty neat! 
Then Hna. Ortiz Gave us some huge pieces of watermelon! 
Was a great week I hope that you all have one like this! And as always go...
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope
I tried to send this to you guys but I couldn't... cuz it has food in it... called frak cookies
In a frosted flakes box haha ;) 

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