Monday, January 30, 2017

It´s heating up!

Well this week was a crazy one!
I'll just start out with on Tuesday we had a transmision from all around the world!
With some big changes we kept the same theme of Teach Repentance, and Baptize Converts. But They made some changes to the Daily schedule! Because they are watching out for our health.
And before we went to bed at 11, but now we can go to bed from 10-10:30! yeah! All they did is take planning and put it in the morning in place of comp study! And now there's more time to work during the day and more time to sleep!! haha

Then it got HOT!! In my sector it got up to about 120 degrees!!!
Cuz right now 72% of Chile is all on fire! So it got kind of hot and then with a lot of trees around you this happens...
So when we saw that we canceled all of our appointments, changed our clothes and ran up there! To cut trees down and get them out of the way of burning before the fire got up and over the hill! 
So we did that then the wind changed and blew it out! :) Somehow haha! But yeah the city right next to us had to pull the Hermanas out cuz it is all burnt down in Hualqui! 
But to explain a little bit why there is so many fire is cuz the Natives here "Mapuche" are mad at the government and starting these random fires everywhere!
But the blessings of service comes fast. The next day we got in to almost every single house! 
But all is good where I am :)
The river Bio-Bio close to our house with a Chilean sunset!

But yeah just a bunch of craziness! haha 
Go "Do Good"TM this week! 
Elder Hope 

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