Monday, August 7, 2017

Great Week!!

Week of miracles!
We had a lot of things going on this week starting with the goals! We achieved formula 1! And the experience I'm going to share is one of many but it was the most grading.
Then, in the morning after the prayer to leave, we received a call from the Area Leaders asking about people with date and we arrived at an investigator that we had problems with his mother wanting him to be baptized, and Elder Abad told me to teach L2 again but with ancestors explaining temples and everything. That he is not the only person who will be baptized in this process equal his ancestors. Then this very night we went and when we taught about Baptisms for the Dead, the mom stopped us and said "I've had this question for a long time can you explain more?" !!!!! And then with my Family Tree I showed them more. And at the end of the lesson they gave permission for him to be baptized! With your signature! and that's not all! On Sunday at Church they were organizing a stake activity for Family History and this young man of 12 years, although he is not member he raised his hand to go! God is helping this child!
Then there was another lesson we had with a lady that will be baptized soon, but didn't want to before this lesson... where during the lesson a lot of things happened but to finish I said that I was going to read 2 scriptures and said to her to listen to her thoughts while I was reading, and after I read them I started to explain a little bit of what it meant then I heard The Spirit tell me "Stop. And ask her how see feels." So I did. And then she said "Why?..." (knowing exactly why) Then I looked at her and said "Because I know." Then she explained that while I was reading the scriptues she heard a voice say... "Repent. Now." So then I testified that it was The Holy Ghost speaking to her. And it was pretty easy from that point on :)
and also we got... nah! destroyed all of our goals this week!
And well I left my sd card in the house of a family last night so I don't have pics but I've got a ton for this next week!!
Have a great week!
And as you know "Do Good"TM
Elder Hope 
We found a cool old Train station! 

A place across the street from our house just opened up!
(I think missionaries will be keeping that place running!) haha
 I think I'm ready for the Big Juds Challenge now! haha 

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