Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Week #3!!

This week flew by!!!

Spanish is now coming so easy! I just think of what I want to say and then translate it right there in my head and them say it! It's so great! Teaching has become way easier because of that! Instead of using a dictionary or something. :) We are now teaching Aurora and Gabriel!

Gym times Played tons of more soccer, a little basketball and some tennis! I'll have to say I'm getting pretty good with my feet! It gets pretty rough in the cage! I'm just glad I'm strong and quick to get out of some situations... but one day I played for a straight hour because my team never lost!!

Oh man! The food here keeps getting better!! One day we had CONES!! And that reminded me of hangin with the amigos back home! Then last night I would say was pretty good when saying that the worst thing on my tray was Costco Pizza! I also had cream filled doughnuts, raspberry cheesecake, pineapple and some cake! And with a sprite!

I figured everyone else out in my district! MY comp: is so much like Corbino Howell! Bluth: is a combo of Nathan Wheiler and Austin Kimes. Schoonmaker: is like Ethan and Mason Hope put together!

Oh yeah! Well this week in sacrament meeting was pretty crazy.... I thought that we were done but then they were like well we are going to have one more speaker... "Elder Hope" and I spoke completely in Spanish! It went really well!! SO me and Logan Talked on the same day!!!!! :)

Then the 2 devos from this week were from Richard G Scott play back and then a random area 70 that came. I was the only one awake from my district! haha

The sunday movie was The Restoration :) I couldn't move the whole time the spirit was so strong!! I love that movie!!

I met Elder Hollands Grandson! That was cool!

And I am going to the temple today! So more pics are coming later!!

Played a bunch of games too.

Elder Hope "Do Good"TM

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  1. How can it be 3 weeks already! Where did July go!? He sounds great!