Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 11!!¡¡

Hola folks!!

Same place ;)
Had another great week!!

Lessons and Gators: Are both great! This week me and my comp met the entire mission goal of 20 lessons with a member! And only a couple of others got it! Super pumped about that! And we had Orfalinda get confirmed this week! And have 2 more baptisms next week! With Alvano and Nilvia! And we got 7 more Gators this week so even more lessons!! :)

Service: Giving tons of service! Like chopping wood for people, cleaning houses, moving stuff, painting, weeding! And all kinds of stuff! And also for the people I live with I woke up early one morning and made them all breakfast in bed! It was funny because they thaught  was a rat in the kitchen then I walked in with eggs, toast, juice, and cereal!

Spanish: I'm able to carry a pretty good conversation now! And make tons of jokes! And during lessons no problems!

General Conference is next week!!!

"Do Good"TM

                     Love, Elder Hope 

Made my own Empanadas!!! SOOOOOO Goood!! 
 Oh yeah and also had to add mashed potatoes and steak with it! ;)
 My keys! haha I have no idea how i found the Idaho thing! haha! 
 Pic of the church and the court that is outside! 

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