Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 8! 2 in the field!

Sector: Chiguayante
Comp: Elder Colman
Ward: Pradera

Wow! What a week! So many things to write and not enough time to write them!
This week was full of lessons!
We now have 8 investagators and 4 are progressing very well!
Forgot to add in last week that during sacrament meeting the Bishop called me up to the stand and had me introduce myself and bare my testimony! That was wow cool! I think it's the longest testimony I've ever bore! And it was in Spanish!
Also the city is like Nampa and Caldwell without the farms, every house is like a condo, there is a bus system that is crazy fast! And then add about 72 billion dogs!!! I have never seen so many in my life!! Everyone and their kid owns at least 4 dogs! haha

The ward here is so great! Whenever we need a member in a lesson they always want to join! There is one priest that is about to put in his papers that is awesome! I predicted he was going Nampa Idaho! haha ;)
I played church ball with the ward on Saturday night! It's a little different here instead of 5:30 in the morning its at night and outside! And oh yeah its soccer! haha I guess I played pretty good. Saying that I scored 6 goals and one of the members came up to me after and said, "Wow! Dude you are amazing! Where did you learn!¿ and when I said I've never played before the MTC he was stunned!
Haha! It was super cool cuz 2 investagators came and played! And now they look up to me even more! haha It's great!

The language is great! I've almost got a grip on it! So close to being great! :)

The first encounter with... Tomatoes...
They are so good here for some reason! I like them now haha!
I'm pretty sure they can't make bad food here! I think it's against the law or something! haha
But all is well here!

Go do something nice for someone today! :) 
¡Adìos! Amigos!

                         Elder Hope!

p.s. sorry emailing from a different spot today and the pictures wont load! Sending lots next week and only have 1 hour to email! 

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