Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week 9!

Great Week!!
Same place ;)
Something about this though. I'm actually not in a white wash. I'm opening a whole new sector!

Lessons w/ Gators: Great! My comp says I explain things so well and make it really easy to understand :) We have 6 gators right now. 1 going to be baptized this week on the 18th! The others had some problems so they have to wait a little bit. Like Alvano is still having trouble with believing in God. So that's a little difficult but no task is too big for me ;)

Church ball: Played again and this time they made rules for me so that it would be fair I guess haha. Sure need a Purvis out there, because in comparison they play like the Black Cat building :) and I cut my knee pretty bad when a guy tripped me. But it was crazy I went from gushing blood to nothing in about 1 minute and they were all like wow! He's Wolverine! haha!

Service: Did a bunch of it this week. Also been cleaning the house with Sowards a lot! Making it nicer :)

Also been making milkshakes everynight! They are sooooooooooo good :)
And workout hard in the mornings!

This week we led the whole Zone in lessons with members!

Learning Lots!

Love you all!

Love Elder Hope!

And sorry about the no pics again they wanted to go to Conce again... Sike! Got it!

I like when we have meetings with the ward mission leader! Got to watch the Chile vs. Paraguay game... My comp was pumped cuz Paraguay won 2-1. haha
 The Quad ;) Sowards, Abreu, Colman, and me :)
 Lunch at Elder Loves house, all we needed was Faith and Charity then we probably would have been translated ;)
 If you buy 1 complainto its only $1 ;) MY FIRST COMPLAINTO!!! SOOOOO GOOOD! 
  Rains alot so that means... lots of rainbows! :)

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