Sunday, November 20, 2016

¡¡EarthQuake!! And the end of this Cambio!

Wow!! What a great week! I don't know if the earthquake happened because of the earth plate things moving... Or if Elder Colman and Elder Hope are working so hard¡? haha

But I'm going to be here in La Pradera for 6 more weeks! And the zone leaders said that this never happens to be with a comp for 3 cambios! = transfers! I guess we work really well together! 

And well last cambio I said that I knew that we could work harder, and well I was right! 
Cuz we got in 145 lessons this past 6 weeks! 145!!! And no joke! With 3 baptisms! And a whole lot of fun! and I can't wait for this next 6 weeks! Cuz it has a lot of potential and Christmas!! :)

Now about the earthquake this week! It wasn't very big but it was cool! It was a 5.9. and started at 2 o'clock in the morning and at 1:52 I woke up really warm so I threw my sleeping bag off and then it started! It just kinda shook the house a little bit :) but everything is alright! :) 
And I know if anything worse is to come Heavenly Father has got my back!

But this week did a lot of service too! A lady in the ward garage fell so we destroyed it more and then built it better :) and also helping this guy build a second story on this guys house! 

Have a great week! :) 

"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope
This Transfer! 
Tried to cut Elder Colmans hair and cut the power...
 E.E.U.U. = USA 
Me and Elder Sowards fixed the lock on the door and made it better after it fell off! 
Mini cambio with Elder Contreras and well he is from Santiago and so we watched the soccer game with their Gator! 
And this is Magdalena! She is 28! She is awesome! We found her 3 weeks ago! And does/reads/studies every thing that we leave! 
She had a cool dream/revelation about how she is going to go get baptized for her aunt and cousin that died a couple of years ago. Super spiritual! 

Great week! :) 

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