Monday, November 7, 2016

Another Great Week!

Sector: La Pradera B (translated to English means = The Prairie) and I figured that out when one of the houses had the TV on for Pequeña casa en La Pradera haha ;)

This week was so great! 

Investigators progressing a lot!

We have one right now that is of gold! She reads... nah studies everything we give her! And already has a testimony of the book of mormon! And right now is in 2 Nephi 20 and we gave it to her last week!!! 
But also had 7 people come to church! So that helps a lot! 

The lessons also just keep getting better and better too! 

Oh and last week on pday at night we had some trick or treaters! And I made them say it in english before I gave them some candy! haha 

The weather is heating up! And I love it! Cuz that means I'm only going to work harder! yeah yeah! 

"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope
As as a Zone we had a BBQ today! It was fun! 
We had a lot of meat! 2 hot dog things, a pig steak and a cow steak! 
 And we also watched a movie "One Mans Treasure" it's a cheesy Missionary movie! haha We also played Basketball, ping pong, and sang some songs! 
:) Was the best pday so far! 

And I forgot to write about testimony meeting here! 
Oh man! It is crazy!
Right when the bishop says it's time for people to bare... It's like a Stampede! Almost every person bares their testimony!
And yeah this!
Have a good week!
Elder Hope!

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