Monday, February 6, 2017

Wow! Camio #4 done!

Wow what a great week to end the Cambio!
So many Miracles came in to play!
And even though I missed the Super Bowl this year I still put in my work!

So we got 2 Baptisms this cambio with 181 lessons! boom! 

Eat Fresh!
  I found the Syringa Flower here some how! haha 
  Mini Cambio with a Brazilian! 
And this also happened this week! I got to see Colman again!  
  This is Cristina and with this one I baptized a person and a half ;) ;)  
But her story is that she has been going to church sometimes. So we went to their house on Thursday and Shared Alma 7 with her with a great member. And put her with fetcha for yesterday! And well it happened! We found them in my 7th week here.
The dad is a member now we are working with the kids! 
  Then She has a cool Story.
This is Catalina. We found her our 3rd week here. 
And well she was in a kinda bad situation so that she had to leave and live with her aunt who is a member and in that week we found her! Then there was ups and downs. Til she made the firm choice that she needs this in her life and changed her life around! And now we are working on her getting her Patriarcal blessing! So awesome! And gave a strong testimony afterwards! 
  Then we also had a service project that we did on Saturday! With 4 zones! 
And well we Bucked some Hay! I'd just like to thank Andrew Wade Hiek for teaching me how to do that! ;)  If you want you can look at the blog for pics! I'm wearing hyper orange shorts! ;) 

And for next cambio.... I'll be staying here with Elder Webster for another 6 weeks!! I love it!! Lets Goo!! This like never happens... 
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope

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