Monday, March 13, 2017


Wow! It was a great week!
We had some great lessons, found some new people to teach, had some fun, more insanity, went to the GYM!, reorganized the house a little bit to make it more spacious, and we had ¡¡2 BAPTISMS and 3 CONFIRMATIONS!! yeah yeah!!
This was a great opportunity to teach these guys!
It all started out with a member just baring her testimony on the bus. When at this time Cinthia (the mom) was looking for something better in life. To start over. To be born again...
and then couple things lead to another and this member gave us her address. And we went. We taught. We testified. And now she has this second chance in life to help her family and start over clean again. And her son Nicolas has 8 years so yep :) It was so cool.
Package that got sent to the wrong side of the world... Sorry Elder Purvis haha 
And other than that not much more just one more week in the cambio, and one more week being 18! Wow! Now that's crazy!! 
Have a good week Yáll! 
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope
Birthday Package :)

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