Friday, March 31, 2017

San Carlos!

Well this was a great week!
On Tuesday going from Pradera to San Carlos! Saying Bye to lots of people and Elder Webster and Hello to Elder Souza. New bigger house! New investigators. New town. New ward. New everything.
But when we got here we had a whole group of Gators of 1 who got confirmed yesterday! But then we found 6 this week! So we are good now!
I live in a house with Elder Calle from Peru who finishes this cambio, elder Howell from utah who finishes in 2 more cambios, and Elder Souza from Brasil who finishes next cambio! haha I feel so young!
Hopefully After this cambio I will learn a little Portugese!
But was a great week of work!
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope
Me and Elder Baker on the bus to Chillan! oh yeah! and it was a double decker bus!! ;) 
  New desk... haha 
Found another one! haha :) 

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