Monday, March 20, 2017

March Madness!!! It has begun!

Man this was a good last week! we did a lot of stuff!
Like last week of the cambio, 2 birthdays, a baptism trip, Conference with a General Authority= Elder Texiera President of Area 70 for South America!!
We had a great cambio together!
Oh yeah we had some fun on my birthday!! Ice cream Potatoes! 
And they bought me a pie! 
And I had to do a March Madness Bracket! 
Then Elder Webster had an investigator that wanted him to be the baptizer. So we had a fun trip going to his last sector in San Carlos! We woke up at 5 in the morning and went on really nice buses! Did everything, walked around for a little. It was a really nice city. Kinda reminded me of something like Twin Falls :) 
Then the Conference was soooo good! Elder Texiera speaks 5 languages! And had a lot of cool stories and a lot of things that as a mission we need to work on, cuz apparently we aren't doing so hot compared to other missions. But I'm pretty sure he was looking at the statistics from last year. Cuz we have improved a lot cuz of Prezidente Catala. So now we just have to keep it going! 
And well after 5 cambios and like 8 months in Chiguayante in La Pradera. With a lot done and a perfect way to start a mission, I will be leaving my first sector to go to..... SAN CARLOS B! The old sector of elder Webster! 
And my comp will be Elder Souza from Brazil! And I'm ready to go at it! 
"Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope
Nilvia sent some pictures this week of Elder Hope helping out with some crafts for her daughters birthday party!

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