Monday, May 8, 2017

Confused Tongue... oh man Tower of Babel...

This week was another good one.
It sure went by very fast!!
We found a lot of people to teach, including a Family from Haití! And well that was an interesting contact cuz well we don't speak the same languages! haha
I Spoke in Spanish, He spoke In Creole, I spoke in English, Then He spoke in French, Then My Comp in Portuguese.... Haha but through the gift of tongues we were able to talk to him and teach him a little. So that was really cool!
And so now I want to learn a little bit of French :)  To add to my list of  Idiomas! :)
I would say that's the cool thing of the week!
And well I didn't whip out the camera very much this week so I don't have any more pics... Sorry mom ;)
But Have a good week! Take Care! and
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope

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