Saturday, May 6, 2017

Chilean Holidays

If yáll didn't know Chile has a lot of holidays haha and for this I'm writing today, because yesterday was The day of the worker... so nobody went to work haha. They have a lot of random Holidays like that :)
But this week was another good one! It was the last one of the cambio, which means that another 6 weeks went by and out of no where I have 10 months in the mission!!! Thats crazy! Double Digits_!
But not much happened just had Zone Conference, that was really good! And also interview with presidente was really cool :) He really knows how to get into someones heart. I'll tell you that! haha
Oh! And also for the next 6 weeks I will be in San Carlos again! With Elder Souza! But this cambio will be a little different because it is the last one for Elder Souza. So I'm looking forward to that :)
I´d also like to say for any of you that have questions about anything! You can just shoot me an Email and I'll be happy to answer it!
But Have a not just a good week but a great week! and...

"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope
Most people think of the Plan of Salvation like this.
But I believe that it is like this. 
(thanks for sending these miamaids) 
  Pie cuz...
 it was the last day of Elder Calle/Street! 
  Then on Pday we went and played some Fútbol on a nice field!! it was sweet!  

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