Monday, May 29, 2017

Completos = Blessings

Well it was another great week!
We did a lot of Organizing this week with the map and planning in dividing the Sector into Sectors so that we aren't running around everywhere and wasting time walking. And well blessings come when you listen to President cuz we had 28 lessons with member and found 5 new Gators!
One funny story on how we found one family this week....
So we were walking along one day and we had about 40 min til our next appointment and we were a little hungry, and so we stopped at this one little shop thing were they sell food and bought Completos :) Then we were the only people there so we just started talking with the lady about random things, then out of no where she said, I've always wanted to learn about what the Mormons believe, what do you guys believe in? .... (Wow!!) haha So I said a couple of articles of faith and we answered a few questions that she had, then gave her the first lesson and she invited us to her house! and when we passed by she had read the whole thing! And she has 2 daughters that are also interested! So now I know that the Spirit also works through your stomach! haha
And also The completo was really good! :) I love sharing the Gospel with everyone!
And oh man I need to take more pictures...
But if you have missed any of my Emails you can go to this website :)
Hope you all have a great week!
"Do Good"TM and I´ll see you next time!
Elder Hope

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