Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Cambio gone!

This week was another good one in being the last week for my companion!
Saying goodbye to people and things like that!
But we also got our goals! And everything and in his very last lesson was probably the best that we have ever had and we put someone with a baptism date! Then a lot of people went to church! :)
Saying goodbye to Souza! see you in Brazil! 
Elder Regis also is going! his first comp was Elder Smoot! woo!
Then I've been with Elder Abad for a day now! And we went to go help Elder Hollist last night and had a ton of success! Finding and everything! But tomorrow I will be getting my new companion Elder Beaston to work for the next 6 weeks! 
Just got to keep going!
and "Do Good"TM 
Love Yàll! 
Elder Hope  

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