Friday, June 23, 2017

Fathers day!

Well this week was a really good one!
Getting to know my companion Elder Beeston, from Mesa Arizona.
But something cool about him is he is the only member in his family.
And got baptized only 1 year before his mission. and now has 20 1/2 months in the mission.
The house in the background and so now we are 4 gringos in the same house again for me! 
The week was good cuz well we repased by some people that Elder Souza didn't want to! And now want to listen and so we had 12 news this week! And 4 with a baptism date!! yeah yeah!! It was a good one!
And in one of these lessons that we had was on Fathers Day so we talked a little about Fathers that we have on earth and also in Heaven.
And I'm so grateful for them both! They have both Helped me so much in my life to become the person I am today. I really have been blessed to have such a great Dad, and for us all a Father who loves us all!
Thanks ya'll! Take care! Have a great Week! And always...
"Do Good"TM
Elder Hope

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