Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Zone Conference/Temple Trip/Playa!!

Oh wow! this week was amazing! 
To start off we had zone conference. And well that is just always a blast! With the spiritual information! The games! The contests! And the food! But the coolest part for me this time was the interview the Presidente Catala. We were in a small bishops office, with a nice space heater. We talked about a couple of things about the sector the house and the comp AS always, but then we talked about me... which was cool :) and how I can be better. :) then after we finished with a prayer he came around the desk and told me, "Confío mucho en usted, va a ser un gran líder en este misión, pero primeramente voy a probar usted ;) " which was really cool :) And then I told him that I was up for the task and he smiled which made me feel really good :)  
Translation: "I trust you very much, you will be a great leader in this mission, but first I will try you. Or you will be tried"
This is Elder Hollist from St. Anthony! His bishop is my uncle!
Then on Saturday we had a temple trip with the ward to Conce! And then we went to the beach to eat and to have some fun! :) 
On the way there we played Catan in the back of the bus! :)

Yeah yeah! 
The group for the temple! President Catala had like a fireside for us :) 
Yeah! They said it will be done in about 10 months! :) 
Like I said I promised pics so here they are! haha 
Lunch on the beach with the ward! 
Copihue=The National Flower of Chile 
The hike to the beach! :) 
it says "I will go I will do" - Nephi ;)haha 
A little panoram :)
Comp pic on the beach! 
And so that was the week, it was really good! And I hope that you all have a good one too!
Go "Do Good"TM
Elder Hope


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