Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Formula 1!

This week was awesome!
So president has this thing called "Formula 1" which basically what our goals are for every week which is 20 Lessons with a member present + 5 New Investigators + 4 in the Church + 4 with a Baptismal Date = 1 Baptism! Every Week! and well its really hard to do, but thats exacly what we did!!! Oh yeah!! 26+5+4+4=1!! 
And this is Franco! He is 12 and dope! We found him from his grandma that is a member, and was really fun to teach! We had a couple of problems with his parents that didn't want him to be baptized and things like that. But we shared some scriptures and said a prayer together and he said that he knew that he had to do it. So we did! and it was good because his Grandma is his Guardian!  
Also this happened: :) 
We were walking on a appointment that fell and in a house we heard people talking outside their house like "you have to be baptized again because the other was true ..." and so on. We passed and then felt we should talk to them, and recent this morning by district class we talked about that focus on parents, so when we play we only say like 2 words and told to especially pass the family pope and we had a great lesson With a family of like 7!
And I also have some videos that I'll send in a little bit! 
So all is well here! Hope all is good out there! 
Take care! and "Do Good"TM 
Elder Hope