Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3 Months!! 1st transfer done!

Same place! And staying here with the same comp for another 6 weeks!
For my first transfer I was able to teach 82 lessons!! Which is apparently awesome... but I know I can do more. :)

Wow! Wasn't General Conference just the greatest? All of the talks were just absolutely awesome! It's amazing what happens during conference when you actually stay awake... Hahaha. But to watch conference I walked about 10 miles! To this other church! We are so blessed in the states :) 

Favorite talk was the one by Rasband about remembering where you come from and that we are all children of God :) Also Bednar´s and the one about Service! 
This week was a good one.

Gators: The baptism fell threw with Alvano and Nilvia because Nilvia said she just needed one more week. But we have so many much more gators! 

Language: Even better! I get better every second I am here! 
Everything is great!! 
Time to get "Ambitious" ;) 

For the 1st session I watched it in this office with Elder Sowards in English!! Thank goodness!! The internet was kinda bad so I missed a few talks but it's okay :) 
The Priesthood session Started at 9pm here! haha sooooo good! "Do your home teaching" ;)
 The other sessions this was my view. Was set up in the primary room for the Gringos! haha 
The gringos: Sowards, Hope, Abreu (from Brazil but wanted to watch in English), Bills, Moldonado :) haha 
 On Sunday morning I woke up early and made pancakes for everyone in the house! Don't worry dad I kept the tradition going :) #gameday pancakes ;) Conference and baptisms are my game days ;) 
I just want to bare my testimony to all of you that I know that my savior lives, I know that he loves me and loves all of us, and all we have to do is find Him in our lives and He will always lead you to "Do Good"TM :) 

"Do Good" Count in General Conference: Was said 5 times! ;) 

Love, Elder Hope 

Go do something nice for someone today :) It doesn't matter how small it is :) It should make them smile :) 

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