Monday, October 31, 2016

WEEK 10/16!!! 10 in the Field and 16 in the Misson!!!!!!! 1016!¡

WOW!! What a week! and Happy Halloween everyone!

Had tons of fun! and...

oh yeah! Another Baptism! 

But about the week: Was all good, chuck full of lessons! And now we have a lot of progressing investigators! And this week also flew by so I don't remember much. 

But I do remember doing splits this week. And this really put my skills and spanish to the test. And well I would say that I passed! I taught 3 good/great lessons with the member that was with me Hermano Ortiz! 

Oh also at church, it was the 5th sunday and the bishop gave it to the ward mission leader. And he wanted us to talk to everyone in the ward. So at first the Zone leaders were going to talk.... but.... they got super sick Saturday. So Sunday Elder Colman and I taught the whole 3rd hour. About how members and missionaries in La Pradera can work together! I talked about what is more effective for missionaries knocking doors , street contacts, or References. And also a plan for them to help us! All using Statistics! It went great! Taught not like myself and went longer then 10 minutes! haha like 20! 

But yeah great week! I knew it was going to be too! ;) 1016

Take care!
Elder Hope "Do Good"TM

This is Nieves (snow) she is 79 years old. Was a Catholic! 
This is temple being built in Concepcion! Went this morning! :)  

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