Monday, February 20, 2017

Another one bites the dust!

Wow! What a week!
We had Zone Conference this week, a Baptism, went to the temple, Talking with Prez, A lot of sweet stuff!!!
The Conference was a lot about how we can work more effectively. And that now we have a Forumla that's called... Formula 1. It's 20+7+4+4=1 means 20 lessones with member + 7 news + 4 with baptism date + 4 in the church = 1 Baptism for every week. We have a mission goal to get 1000 baptisms in 2017 and in 2016 we had 416. But the pace of this race is speeding up! And we are going with it! And I love it! 
This is Pedro. He is 78 years young. And I told him that if he got baptized all of his wildest dreams would come true... haha no that's just a joke :) But he does have a cool story! At first he wanted to go to the river to follow Jesus exactly but last second changed his mind to the warm font :) 

Took some recent converts to the temple. Where Presidente Catala gave a class about what a temple is and the importance. And then some experiences that he has had and him and his wife sang too. It was sweet! 
The temple is moving good!
On a mini cambio me and Elder Fuentes went to the only Mexicana in the ward cuz she was making Hot Tamales! And he hasn't had them in a year and a half! haha 
But other than that I don't remember a whole lot more! 
So for all of you go out and have a great week and..... "Do Good"TM
Love, Elder Hope 

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