Monday, February 27, 2017

Vamos! Vamos!

Well this was a great week! 
Lots of experiences that are difficult to explain only with words.
But we went to a funeral thing from my first Convert, Orfalinda who passed away the other day, and went with about 10 members and we sang and shared some things about Her and The Plan of Salvation. And well, the Spirit was and was powerful and we helped them (her family) recognize that death is only a step in this Great Plan. It was Really cool :) And to think about it all she was the very first door that I knocked on in my Mission.

And this is Richard! Well we thought that he was a member when his wife got baptized, but then we found out that well he didn't have any records so yeah! Then When I was baptizing him well he kinda jumped back! haha and #Splash but still pretty cool!
Then we went to the beach today! :) Its the Ocean! 
But Yeah "Do Good"TM
Love, Elder Hope

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