Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference Week!

Oh man this week was a good week!
First we had a fùtbol game and then to end it Conference!
It was a ward activity were they projected the game in the church and Chile won 3-1 agaisnt Venezuela!
Then Saturday for GC was great we had a whole 4 people come! Elder Howell, Elder Calle, Elder Souza, and me haha
Also a little weird without people looking at the Final Four during the Priesthood Session! haha
And also it was in Spanish haha
But then Sunday was a lot better we had about 42 people come :) and in Eniglish :)
and well this computer is being weird so that I can't send pics but I will send them next week!
My favorite Talks were from Jouaqin A. Costa and his experience, also Holland about singing :) and also alot more!
and what!¡¿ Temple in Pocatello!!
"Do Good"TM = 7 times in GC
Elder Hope

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