Monday, April 24, 2017

Wow! What o Week!....Shook hands With an Apostle ;)

I don't even know where to begin!
I'll start with Wednesday, was the Census so we got to hang in the house all day, cleaning, playing games until the people got there! Now our house is all clean!
Wow! This week was a week of Miracles!
First we get the 20! Without a day of work!
And we also found 8 new ones that are very interested, and can progress very fast!
Like when we were looking for old and other incomplete families, we just went to see if they were good and if they were waiting for us! And then we left this house a young boy and then looked at us and said: "I have a friend who is Mormon ... Why don't you guys come by my house? ... And just like people who feuded to the church They are good!
Then Friday! We got to go to Conce again, Cuz President Russel M. Nelson came to our mission!!! We got together with the south mision too, so there were more than 400 missionaries in this building! It was sooooo cool!! And when I shook his hand he said to me "Elder Hope, ooo I like your name son" oh wow! I couldnt stop smiling after that!! :) :) and still haven't stopped! :) But then He talked to us. I never knew that he was so funny! He told a lot of jokes and stories! But mainly focused on The Book of Mormon and how crucial it is to use it in our  teaching. The Spirit was so strong in that building! 
 And well I don't have any Pics from this week! But more coming Next week! Have a great week Yall! 
"Do Good"TM Elder Hope 

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