Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Week 4!

Another great week here!!

Lessons: With Aurora it is so great, getting baptized. With Gabriel it's slower but he is getting baptized too! It's great! I picked up another one too named Curtus. But now I am teaching without any notes or anything it is so great! Spanish is just flowing so great! And I taught an actual member of the church in Mexico City! And she can't speak English so yeah! It was great!

GYM times: Getting real good at soccer! Played all kinds of games too!!

Devotionals: Sunday: David Bednar! Wow that is the best talk I've ever heard! He talked about the character of Christ! And put away the natural man in you! He even said "Do Good" ;) and did an impression of the cookie monster! haha main quote from it was "who you are and what you are, is way more important than what you say" 

Tuesday: Was a live one from Provo! Niel Anderson spoke and it was good! He showed a picture from the Olympics and was like sorry everyone else in the world is enjoying this right now.... haha

Sunday movie was Meet the Mormons! So great! 

The other night I was woken up by my companion throwing up everywhere! So that night was fun! Cleaning all night! haha 

My teacher has been talking about the Olympics kinda... haha 
My District: 
District Pic at the Mexico City visitors center! 
Left to right: Elders, Clark, McKinnon, Alecc, Hermanas: Manning and Loveland
Elders: Schoonmaker, Bluth, Evans, and Me
 District 5B gave us some candy! 

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