Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week 5 in the MTC!

Wow!! This week flew by!

Teaching lessons for this week went so good!! With Aurora we taught her: Word of wisdom and The Ten Commandments and when teaching the 10 I used the Hand symbols that I learned in Seminary from Bro. Sell! So someone tell him thanks for me! One more with her :)
With Gabriel we taught: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, about Service, and some Commandments! And now we are done teaching with him.
Out of teaching all the people I have been teaching by far my favorite to teach is The Gospel of Jesus Christ! It is so fun!

Gym time: I am getting good at soccer!! I was in the play of the year for the MTC! It started when the other team took a shot and Clark at Goalie he stopped it so I took off down the left side of the contra and he threw it all the way to me and I jumped up high and saw McKinnon running down the middle and headed it right to him and then he headed it right past the goalie and right in the top corner!!¡¡ It is now known as the Double Header! And it was so awesome!
Sunday! I love sundays here! There was 3 videos that night! The first one was The John Tanner story. Wow! That dude is awesome! Then a little one on Temples and then one on the Life of Christ that was really good :)

Food: I had my last Costco Pizza night... So I ate 5... ;)

AND OH!! The big news!! I got my Flight plans for next week!!! I leave Monday the 22nd at 8:32 PM ;) (for reals) ;) to head to CHILE!!! I arrive at 11:00 AM on the 23rd in Concepción! So excited!!!

Tuesday: The devo was by a man named Helaman Montejo! And he has a Daughter that reminded me so much of Aubree I went and shook her hand! :) And Me and Clark joined the choir! And we sang "Calma mi alma" which is "Be still my soul" Oh Man! It was so good!! Sang my heart out!

I met a guy from Kokeville, Wyoming! and his sister was in that class that was in the movie!

Overall a great week!

Love, Elder Hope
"Do Good"TM ;)

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