Monday, August 29, 2016

1st week in the field!!!

Sector: Chiguayante
Ward: Pradera
Comp: Elder Colman! He is from Paraguay! Speaks only spanish and the paraguay language!

Wow!!! This Is so great!!

First let me tell you about the plane! It was huge!! I sat by Hermana Loveland the first flight! And Elder Evans and Dawson the second! And didn't get any sleep at all!!! Haha as usual ;) 
Get there and welcomed by a whole bunch of missionaries and the prez!
Then had a bunch of meetings and ate Papa Johns as my first Chilian meal! haha
Then got my new comp and then started to go to work!
I was put into a white wash! Which is when they put the missionaries in a place that none of them have been before!
I live in a house with the Zone Leaders! One is from Brasil! And one is from Spanish fork Utah! It is really Fun!  Elder Sowards and Abreu ;)
The food here is soooooooooooooo good!! I love when it's time for lunch! Eating all kinds of things!
Anyways first couple of days just talked to every single person we could! And walked about 22 miles everyday!
But then we found some people to teach! And now we have 6 investigators! And 2 have accepted a Baptismal invitation! For September 18th! So pumped!! We are teaching this one fam where their daughter kept coming home from school talking about God and so that brought some questions! So she talked to her friend who is our mamita (does our laundry) who refered them to us! And we teach them tonight for the second time! And they came to church yesterday! So great!
And my comp said that this never happens in someones first week! Except for like Elder Smoot! And that made me smile really big and laugh! And then I told him he was my Kuzin!!! (Cousin) haha
The language here is way different! The first couple of days was kinda hard but now I've almost got a hold of their speed! And I also know that through Faith in Christ Anything is possible!
The city is like the "Compton" of Chile! It looks like if you took Caldwell and Nampa together and put it in Idaho city! Lots of gangsters! (Dont worry Mom;) Just Different Words! ;)
The weather isn't too cold! It feels like February back home :)

I love this Gospel so much! and want to help every single person I can Return to live with our Father in Heaven again!
Map of the Mission and heart over first area:
The plane! 
People in the Airport! 
 I love this Street ;) (it means Hope in Spanish! ;)

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