Monday, August 22, 2016

Last Day In The CCM!! Week 6!

The best week in the MTC/CCM by far!!!
Had tons of fun with the district this week! Like singing in the shower with Schoonmaker and other things!
GYM: The last gym time was fun played soccer and dominated! Then went and dunked it one more time in the gym!
Had in field orientation and man that was awesome and got me way pumped for the feild! One part of it was a play! It was soooooo funny! They used the Avengers as ward members, like Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and my fav.... Steve Rodgers! And also Arnold Schwarznegger as a less active member then they committed him to say "I´ll be back" hahah!! And all kinds of puns like that!
Then later that day the zone leaders asked me and Alecc to go talk to a district that wasn't being to good. So us and clark went in there and it was so cool! The main things I said was to be obedient and you will recieve blessings (used bro Packers quote) then the only thing you can control in life is your attitude and your effort! And then don't be good missionaries be great missionaires" * Coach Creech and Johnson! And then as always... "Do Good"TM ;)
Then the last night with Hermana Pérez she talked to us all! And wow! She is one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life! She talked about each of us and how we were the best district she has ever had and she has been working here for 2 years!! I will send a picture of her once I get it cuz my Camera died.
Sunday: Last day altogether as a district. It was awesome! During sacrament meeting we sang a musical number "Más Cerca Dios de ti" = "Nearer my God to thee" It went so Good!! Then Before the movie we all gave each other blessings before we go out into the real mission. I was asked to offer Elder Evans and Elder Clarks. During Clarks something happened really cool. I was really speaking through the spirit. I know it. Because I said that Heavenly Father was glad that he chose to serve a mission.......First." and before this he was actually going to go play bball and I didnt even know that!
The movies were The stone cutter and Finding Faith in Christ.
Today is my last day in the MTC/CCM and I will be serving the people of Chile tomorrow!
I just want to let all of you know that I know that whenever you need help in your life with anything Heavenly Father is there for you and wants to help you at all times and in all places. All you have to do is humble yourself and ask for help. Just Pray.
Do something to make someone smile today :)
Elder Hope
"Do Good"TM
My drawings (I only drew the flags) and the "Do Good" ;)
 Built a ship out of the desks
 I left my mark in my room! 
 The Guys in the District All Chile and One to Equador
 Teacher: Hermano Hurtato 

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