Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 15!

Sector: La Pradera B
Zone: Chiguayante

Wow!! This week flew by! I don't even remember really what happened!

But I know that I went really hard this week! We had a bunch of things thrown at us but we still got our goals!

Oh Yeah! We had Zone Conference!!
It was soooo awesome!!! President is great! And the activity was awesome! I took part in the pie eating contest!
And well I WON!!!!! I ate a whole Lemon Morang PIE in 4 minutes and 2 seconds! Exactly! Not even joking!! And was still hungry! haha Hermana Catala is sending the video and photos of it so I'll probably send them next week!
And also ran through the whole church looking for little pieces of paper, felt like a little kid! haha But also won that race :)

Was a great week! Hope it all went well for all of you!

Work Hard in everything you do! And you will like the results! ;)

Elder Hope "Do Good" TM
Elder Baker said he was "Studying" haha 
 This is the way I decorated my Planner! To remember to work harder every day!
And also to pierce the hearts of the people of Chile! 
Pictures from the pie eating contest with Elder Ketch:

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